Free Executive Cybersecurity Communiqué

Ongoing, timely education is one of the most important keys to maintaining cybersecurity resilience, yet it is often one of the most easily-overlooked pieces of a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.

The Executive Cybersecurity Communiqué provides distilled, relevant talking points and educational snippets for your business team and actionable updates for your technology team.

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A lack of continued awareness regarding cybersecurity threats leaves your entire enterprise vulnerable.

We carefully sift through security research reports, hacker discussion boards, the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database, and hundreds of other sources.

We then distill what we find into short snippets meant to be read by executives who are often unsure of what threats or vulnerabilities apply to their specific situation.

Think of the Communiqué as an information filter in this often overwhelming space, so that you only see what is relevant to you and actionable. The Communiqué features content for all levels of expertise, including threat landscape updates, new vulnerabilities, new technology reviews and case studies.

“I find the information Tony shares about cyber attacks and issues more actionable and less diluted than what is in the news. The information helps our office manage security and allows us to communicate better with IT" - James R

What You Get

  • Concise and relevant cybersecurity updates delivered quarterly to your inbox. We package the information to help your teams stay educated and informed about recent security incidents and how they may impact your business.
  • Access to the ever-evolving Cybersecurity Hygiene Guide.

Send me the Free Quarterly Communiqué!

Note: The Quarterly communiqué is primarily an educational tool, and it is not a replacement for a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Program. While a quarterly update may suffice for some businesses and executives, others may require more up-to-the-minute alerts.